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Your opportunity to expand the possibilities of your practice with this internationally acclaimed online gamification process.

"There must be a more dynamic way to bring all these concepts alive in an experiential way for my clients..."

"I'd like to make sessions more fun and meaningful for participants"

"I want a consistent and reliable pathway into effective, experiential learning."

"How can I ensure my clients achieve their ESG and sustainability goals?"

"Connecting clients remotely is going to be an ongoing challenge..."

"My clients need a cultural shift.  And staff who can expand their mindset and innovate..."

"I need something unifying to bring management together across all levels -
from C-suite down…"

Transformation through Gamification

Welcome to Possible World

Your 'Mindset Shifting' Power Tool

At P-Lab, we recognise the immense reserve potential that exists within our collective humanity and the opportunity that exists to bring these reserve resources into play.

The Possible World - Game Host Package (HosPa) is designed for seasoned facilitators,

already qualified in training facilitation and workshop design, who want to

deepen the online learning experience of their clients and community.

As a HosPa-qualified Game Host you will have access to everything you need to fluidly wrap the Possible World gameplay experience into the unique style and context of your content delivery.


You can use the gamification process as a one-off primer... all the way through to being a fully integrated scaffold to your client journey experience... and everything in-between.

With our affordable access package and co-creative options, there is literally no limit to the creative possibilities that being a Possible World Game Host brings to you, your practice and your clients.

(You can check what participants say about the Possible World experience here.)


In the HosPa, you will receive:

  • Self-paced learning materials. The Possible World Complete Operations Manual, self-paced learning instruction videos, standard learning plan, etc.

  • 3 months of unlimited access. You have to the Possible World gamification platform

  • Monthly meetups. With your HosPa cohort members and our international community of Possible World Game Hosts

  • The opportunity to join P-Lab's public Possible World online sessions 

Book one of the monthly HosPa Discovery Sessions and explore how your 3-month HosPa journey can be tailored to meet your needs with our co-creative approach and sample plans.

There are 3 steps to become a Possible World Game Host.

STEP 1: Experience a Possible World Discovery Session (See upcoming sessions here!)

STEP 2: Attend the HosPa Discovery Session (for more information)

STEP 3: Enroll in HosPa (Start with our 1-hour HosPa Orientation Session)

You will then receive all your self-paced learning materials and have 3 months full access to the Possible World Gamification Platform to develop your platform operation and gameplay workshop.


Whilst the basis of HosPa is set up for self-paced learning we also understand how important learning support is when embarking on a new learning journey. Monthly meetups with our community of Possible World Game Hosts provide you with the co-learning eco-system supporting your self-paced learning. If needed, additional learning support is available as a fee-for-service option.


Once you have completed your 3 month HosPa period, you will be ready to provide your own workshops inspiring organisational transformation journeys wrapped around the Possible World gamification experience.

Then, all that's left to do is to make a selection from our flexible range of subscription options... and get playing! You may also enjoy exploring the many co-creative and collaborative opportunities P-Lab offers to take your practice to the next level.

Welcome to Possible World!

Get inspired!

Here are just a few examples showcasing how practitioners have crafted their practice

around the Possible World gamification process. The possibilities are endless!

Features of Possible World
Game Host Package (HosPa)

Sample plan for 3-month packages


Become familiar with the game screen controls.

  • Conduct a practice session, creating a total of 5-15 players to familiarise yourself with the game platform and operations.

  • Define the game concept and the objectives of the gameplay in your own workshop.

  • Use multiple browsers each with synchronised members.

1st month


Offer workshops to your friends and family.

  • Start designing your own workshops with PW.

  • Conduct practice sessions with peers.

  • Conduct workshops for people who have not experienced the game before, to ensure that you can accurately and smoothly explain the game and that each workshop component is delivered within your set duration.

2nd month


Refine your 
workshop as a product.

  • Continue to deliver workshops to peers and acquaintances, and refine delivery.

  • Attend PW sessions organised by P-Lab and observe or co-facilitate.

  • Finalise the first edition of workshop design, deliver to the target audience and receive feedback.

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