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June: Possible World Discovery Session Report

Aya Matsuyama

3 June 2024

[Jun2024] Possible World Discovery Session Report

Possible World - Discovery Session Report

Possible World is an online platform for transformative serious games. Through immersive gameplay, introspection, and guided exercises, uncover your true potential and spark lasting change. Explore interactive scenarios, engage in meaningful dialogue, and gain deep insights into your mindset. Designed for individuals and organizations of all sizes, Possible World empowers you to cultivate a growth mindset, ignite innovation, and drive sustainable results. Experience the power of play in our focused 2-hour sessions, with optional post-session briefings for further analysis.

1. Overview

  • Theme: Possible World x Education 

  • Date: June 03, 2024 18:00–20:00 JST 

  • Location: Online 

  • Countries connected: Australia (Darwin, Sydney and Melbourne), Switzerland, Taiwan, Singapore

  • Number of Participants: 7 people

2. Workshop Progress and Highlights

  • Why Possible World?: Because we KNOW so many things but yet we are in this world. Something is missing… Let’s find out with Possible World

  • Check-in: Brief self-introductions and one word regarding Education

  • Mindset  & the VUCA World: Mindset: The Key to Thriving in the VUCA World

  • Game Instruction: Explanation of basic rules and operations of the game

  • Exploration Session: A short trial session to explore the game. Already active interactions started.

  • Serious Gameplay: Full gameplay session. An active group of people, openly exchanging their situations, eager to help each other.

  • Reflection: Went analogue. No Mentimeter, but a pen and paper to explore the non-verbal areas. There were images of lots of circles, tangled mesh, a turtle, etc.

  • Dialogue: Explored our mindsets with questions like “What made you happy?”, “ What did you find difficult?” etc.

  • Check-out: Final sharing of thoughts and preview of the next session

World Emerged...

 3. Participant Voices

Being active, communicating and interacting with others made me happy.
I did get cross during the game that made me recognise that we all have different values. Is this a game just for this session, or is this a metaphor fo what is happening in the real world….?.
My kizuki was about the different levels of accepting people and their consciousness of where they are.
I appreciated that different perspectives that come from different backgrounds and ages, all working on the same problems at the same time without any barriers. That was cool and an example of how that could work.
What I learned today is to be aware of all sort of impact we make in daily bases...
Struggled with so many ways of reaching out to people… 

 4. Reflections and Learnings

  • Methods: Pen & Paper silent self-reflection and dialogues

  • Key Learnings and Insights: Even when the intention is there, it can be complicated to communicate, especially when the time available is limited...

 5. Next Session Preview

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