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Possible World Unveils New Logo

Aya Matsuyama

20 June 2024

P-Lab. Celebrates 1st Anniversary with a Refreshed Logo

Possibility Laboratory LLC (P-Lab.) has unveiled a new logo for "Possible World" to mark its first anniversary since its establishment in February of this year.

The design, aimed at fostering a closer connection and expanding the possibilities for more people, evokes various interpretations depending on the viewer.

What do you see in it?

New Logo Features - Designer’s intentions

While simple and minimalist, the modern geometric design suggests creativity and curiosity.

  • ”P”: The circle integrated into the "P" represents the Earth, and its design expresses transformation and unconventional thinking. The dot slightly separated from the "P" follows the shape, connecting a cyclical flow of nature.

  • Yellow: Stimulates creativity, inspiration for new ideas, and a sense of energy. The ideal colour for sparking enthusiastic imagination and innovation.

  • Green: Evokes growth, renewal, and harmony, promoting openness and curiosity towards new ideas.

  • Light Purple: Signifies youthfulness and intimacy. Like yellow, it represents creativity and imagination but also encourages introspection of inner thoughts and emotions.

Logo Designer (P-Lab Co-creation partner):

Yoshie Ellie - Digital Creator


The challenge was integrating the warmth and openness of Possible World with its bold potential for dynamic growth.

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