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[In Person@Darwin] Possible World - World Creation Simulation

🌟 Discover the Untapped Potential: Join the Possible World! Step into a groundbreaking serious gaming experience designed to inspire and transform.

[In Person@Darwin] Possible World - World Creation Simulation
[In Person@Darwin] Possible World - World Creation Simulation



2024年7月27日 13:00 – 15:30 GMT+9:30

Casuarina, Ellengowan Dr, Casuarina NT 0810, Australia


This session is partly sponsored by Inspiring Australia and Inspired NT as part of the 2024 Target Science Communication Activities and supported by Charles Darwin University.

🌟 Discover the Untapped Potential: Join the Possible World!

Step into a groundbreaking serious gaming experience designed to inspire and transform. Join us for an immersive session that opens new perspectives and fosters subtle yet powerful changes in ourselves.

Possible World is a serious game session dedicated to ideation, innovation, co-creation and most importantly “mindset shift and growth”. It provides players with measurable game outcomes that are linked to process performance through reflection.

🏢 About the Possible World Simulation Workshop:

The Possible World Simulation Workshop is an innovative, interactive workshop offering a serious gaming experience that promotes ideation, innovation, co-creation, and personal growth. Using the 2030 SDGs Game, this simulation guides players through a journey of mindset transformation and educational evolution. It's more than just a game—it's a catalyst for change in education.

The game workshop takes approximately 2.5 hours, including instructions, playing time, reflection and breaks. There may be an optional after-session briefing for 30 min.

🔍 Session Highlights:
  • Self-Discovery: Engage in scenarios that reveal and challenge your current mindset.
  • Interactive Gameplay: Participate in dynamic activities to create a collaborative world, leading to reflection and growth.
  • Guided Exploration: Delve into your decision-making processes with thought-provoking questions.
  • Collaborative Discussions: Share insights and strategies for fostering innovation and a growth mindset in education.
  • Reflective Journey: Experience a blend of fun and introspection, leading to personal and professional development.

Participants often experience a shift in perspective. Most players finish the game feeling warm, connected and ready to apply their learning to the real world. Players often wonder, “What can I do next to make a difference?”

👩‍🏫 Your Guides:

Led by Dr. Aya Matsuyama, an internationally active session host based in Darwin, in collaboration with her local partner ARRAY [], you will be guided through this transformative experience. Aya was one of the core members to introduce the 2030 SDGs Game outside Japan and provides facilitator training programs in the Oceania region.

🎯 Who Should Attend:

This session is perfect for everyone but especially for educators and trainers, including primary, secondary, and tertiary teachers and lecturers, who are eager to explore new educational possibilities and drive subtle, impactful changes in their teaching practices. STEM educators will find this especially beneficial for integrating innovative approaches into their curriculum.

Not an educator? No worries. Come and join us. This workshop has been provided to various targets from school students to senior executives to experience the mindset shift and growth.

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Seats are limited.


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