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​Possible World

Your Own Mindset Shift & Growth Journey starts here. 

What is Possible World?

Possible World is an online-platformed serious game dedicated to ideation, innovation, mindset shift and co-creation. It provides players with measurable game outcomes that are linked to process performance through reflection.

Players have the opportunity to go beyond their current boundaries of knowledge and experience to take risks based on the possibilities they can imagine through mindset shifts.

As protagonists in the game, players engage, explore and experiment in ways that would seem impossible in a 'real world' setting. Throughout the game, each player acquires essential insights and footholds for stretching into new possibilities through the authenticity of their own experience.


The gameplay automatically primes the players' social and relational development in a fun and enjoyable way. 


There is nothing more exciting, more compelling or more productive than being around people revelling in their authentic, intrinsic motivation for life; where everything imagined is possible.

That's why we're here. It's what we do.

Welcome to Possible World.

About Possible World 'Field of Play'

In Possible World, the game structure and rules are designed for players to explore possibilities, experience insights and develop fluency with the collaborative processes operating 'behind' making 'real world' goals achievable, in a rapidly changing ecosystem.

But, 'how to play' at this collaborative level of game is the question.

Possible World is based on a 'real world' scenario where the process of players' decisions around individual and global goals. How they are doing is demonstrated on the World Condition Meter with three measures; Economy, Environment and Society. This is set around the 2030 SDGs Game pioneered by our co-creative partners, Imacocollabo and the purpose of game play remains the same.

Please note that if you have experienced the 2030 SDGs Game, you would be familiar with the game machanisms and rules; however, the experience including the intrduction and reflection may not be designed around the SDGs.

You can experience the zest of its possibilities with our discovery session.

Take a peak of Possible World Session!