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Possibility Laboratory - mindset shift experience

Welcome to

​Possibility Laboratory


P-Lab is the Possibility Laboratory.

A 'laboratory' dedicated to exploring the full potential of untapped possibilities.

Where novel approaches to challenge can be conceived and incubated.

A place where experiment and discovery is a journey shared
with others who know the way.

P-Lab and this site, by nature, is an organically evolving space into the future.

Our Vision

As global citizens, we are helping to build a world that is universally inclusive, regenerative and thriving.

Our Mission

We provide an immersive innovation hub for emergent leaders and thinkers to engage in purpose-designed processes that gently and powerfully inform the transformation of their organisations, life and world.

Meet the Team

Company Overviews

Trade Name



Possibility Laboratory LLC. (P-Lab.)

Feb 17th 2023

3‐18‐11 Kitami, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

​Business Details

Planning, operation, management and implementation of various seminars, schools, workshops and lectures, and dispatch and introduction of lecturers; planning, development, production, production, operation and sales of computer software (game software, graphics, other images, and images); business related to qualification certification; planning, operation, management and implementation of various events

​Team Members

Asuka Hayashi, Junko Kohno, Masashi Naoi,
Wendy Harper, Hsiao-chi Lo, Aya Matsuyama

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