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HosPa Registration Form

This is a form to register for HosPa. We would like to collect some information about you to get to know you and make your learning journey as smooth as possible.

Before you register for HosPa

In order to respect your valuable time and effort, we would like to make sure that you have experienced one of our Possible World sessions.
Please check the box below to let us know that you have experienced.

(If you have not, that's OK. Please check our upcoming sessions here)

Embrace the Time Difference and Stay in Touch


Your Location* - required

To help us overcome our time difference, let us know whereabouts you are in the world!

Your Phone number - optional

We are also testing out what is the best way for us to stay in touch. One of the suggestions was WhatsApp and now we have WhatsApp group with Game Hosts. So if you wish to join the group, please provide your phone number below.

Our Agreements

At P-Lab, we are committed to fostering a culture of co-creation. As the basis for co-creation, there are a few things we all want to agree on. Please read the following documents and check the box below the each document link.

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