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Possible World

Game Host Package


Your opportunity to expand the possibilities of your practice with this internationally acclaimed online gameplay element.

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About Possible World Session

The Possible World (PW) sessions are online sessions that provide an opportunity to personally experience the possibilities that emerge from shifting and growing one's mindset (see details here). 

If you have not yet experienced our Possible World (PW) session, join one of our discovery sessions!

Possible World as Your Solution

"I'd like to make sessions more fun and meaningful for participants"

"I want a consistent and reliable pathway into effective, experiential learning."

"How can I ensure my clients achieve their ESG and sustainability goals?"

"Connecting clients remotely is going to be an ongoing challenge..."

"My clients need a cultural shift.  And staff who can expand their mindset and innovate..."

"I need something unifying to bring management together across all levels -
from C-suite down…"

Become a Possible World Game Host

Possible World session incorporates the gameplay as an element to provide opportunities to earn unique experiences. It is one of P-Lab's signature services and we have provided in a variety of areas, including leadership training, sustainability training, cross-border experience programs and personal transformation programs.

We believe that the transformative benefits of this vital gameplay element from Japan needs to be taken up, utilised and passed on, at scale, around the world, as quickly as possible. 

To achieve this, we have developed the Possible World Host Package (HosPa) to provide experienced trainers, facilitators and guides with the keys to our self-learning platform.

The HosPa is a 3 months self-paced online program to learn how to operate the Possible World game module. The more details can be found below.  

Once you register for HosPa, you will be certified to access the Possible World Platform and use this gameplay element to wrap your own SME content, for your context, in your own way, so that your organisation and / or clients improvements over time can be securely scaffolded and sustained.

Our Game Hosts Say


Possible World truly lives up to its name by providing an online experience that inspires hope and enables positive change.


Being a game host gives me the opportunity to witness and contribute to this transformative process, making a difference in the world and finding fulfillment as a changemaker.

Bruna Tadross

Founder and CEO at YourAccess Online | ESG specialist




HosPa - Features

Self-Paced + Self-Learning  x  Flexible Themes  x  Co-Learning

HosPa is Self-Paced learning, but not 'solo flight'. 

Within the 3mth HosPa package period, you will self-learn how to operate the Possible World game platform with the help of our self-paced learning content, while taking advantage of regular learning opportunities with your peers, or senior game hosts. That will also help inspire the design and development of your own unique 'Possible World' client experiences.

Your learning experience extends organically as you interact with others around learning and developing the content. 

If required, P-Lab also provides a range of additional HosPa learning support packages that complement the HosPa package.

​You can download the document here.

Be inspired!

You can utilise this gameplay element to renew existing programmes or create new services. The applications are as limitless as your imagination, from basic one-off workshops to training programmes designed for ongoing client learning processes and, of course, anything in-between these.

Your Road Map for becoming
a PW Game Host

There are 3 steps to become a Possible World Game Host.

  • Step 1: Book a Discovery Session and participate in a Possible World Online Simulation.

  • Step 2: Review the contents of the HosPa 

  • Step 3: Complete the online HosPa registration process (send registration form, agree to various terms and conditions, purchase HosPa)

Step 1

Step 2

Stesp 3

NOTE: Please make sure that you are logged in as a site member before proceeding to register for HosPa.

If you are not a site member yet, you can click "Log in" at the top right corner of this page. 

HosPa - Content Overview

Copy of HosPa (3).png


Possible World

Game Host Package

110,000 yen​ 

(approx. 748 USD)

  • Self-paced learning materials.
    The Possible World Operations Manual, self-paced learning instruction videos, standard learning plan, etc.


  • 3 months of unlimited access

  • Monthly meetups.
    With your HosPa cohort members and our international community of Possible World Game Hosts


  • The opportunity to join P-Lab's public Possible World online sessions 

HosPa - Sample Action Plan


Get familiar with the platform operations.


  • Conduct a practice session, creating a total of 5-15 players to familiarise yourself with the game platform and operations.

  • Define the game concept and the role of the gameplay element in your own workshop.

  • Use multiple browsers each with synchronised members.

1st month


Offer practice game to your friends and family.

  • Start designing your own workshops with PW.

  • Conduct practice sessions with peers.

  • Conduct workshops for people who have not experienced the game before, to ensure that you can accurately and smoothly explain the game and that each workshop component is delivered within your set duration.

2nd month


Refine your 
session design as a final product.

  • Continue to deliver workshops to peers and acquaintances, and refine delivery.

  • Attend PW sessions organised by P-Lab and observe or co-facilitate.

  • Finalise your first edition of workshop design, deliver to the target audience and receive feedback.

Last month

Together with your unique talent, the possibilities you can bring to your clients with our super-accessible 'Possible World'  packages are endless as the limits of your imagination.

NOTE: Please make sure that you are logged in as a site member before proceeding to register for HosPa.

If you are not a site member yet, you can click "Log in" at the top right corner of this page. 

Not sure if you can do this on your own?


We know that learning new things can be a journey.

That's why we created the HosPa Bootcamp to make it easier for you to master the skills you need.

It's a structured, supportive environment where you can learn at your own pace and get help along the way.


Want to know more?

We'd love to send you more information.

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Look forward to being in touch!

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