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Thu, 20 July



ポッシブルワールド - ディスカバリーセッション ー 2030SDGs ファシリテーター/ゲーム体験者対象

Possible World is an online simulation experience that focuses on ideas, innovation, and co-creation related to the "mindset" we have. Each player becomes the protagonist of this world and through various activities, transcends existing mindsets and realizes possibilities.

ポッシブルワールド - ディスカバリーセッション ー 2030SDGs ファシリテーター/ゲーム体験者対象
ポッシブルワールド - ディスカバリーセッション ー 2030SDGs ファシリテーター/ゲーム体験者対象

Time & Location

20 July 2023, 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm GMT+9


About the event

NOTE 1: 

This session is for 2030 SDGs game facilitators or those who know the rules. It will be a short 2 hour session with no detailed rules explanation.

NOTE 2: 

If there are less than 6 applicants 48 hours before the event, the event will be automatically canceled (notified by email). We would appreciate your cooperation in holding the event. Please invite your friends to join us.


What is the Possible World Discovery Session?

The game design of Possible Worlds is based on the 2030 SDGs game developed by our co-creation partner, Imacocollabo. In Possible World, a constantly changing ecosystem, players take various actions to achieve their goals, just as they would in the real world, and experience the ever-changing world situation through the impact of their actions. The world condition is shared across three indicators: economic, environmental, and social.

What is the Possible World game experience?

In the course of this experience, players will recognize their current mindset and the possibilities it brings, then deepen their insights through various questions and share them through dialogue to explore possible mindsets and possibilities beyond that.

There aren't many rules set for the simulation experience.

"How to play".

This is the one question posed to each of us.

The Possible World is a simulation of how the "real world works" around you and yourself. Here, participants experience the process of recognizing, shifting, and fostering their mindset, and become aware of the possibilities they encounter at each stage.

Where can we apply the Possible World experience?

While the default theme is "Shifting and Fostering Mindsets and Exploring Possibilities," the entire workshop can be designed around a specific theme (sustainability, leadership, team building, etc.) to suit individual and organizational objectives. (Possible World - full session, duration of about 4 hours or more).

Who runs the Possible World?

P-Lab provides the sessions. The hosts of this session is Masashi Naoi (Secun), and maybe with a mystery co-host.

We hope you will join us for a session and experience new encounters in many ways and share them with us.

Our standard discovery sessions are 2.5 hours long, including introduction, instruction, playtime, reflections, and breaks.


  • "It gave me a chance to see new possibilities of change in the world, starting from myself. It was simultaneously fun and profound!" (Mariko Sakakibara, Workshop & Graphic designer)
  • "It was a really great experience to communicate with students all around the world. And I think I learnt a really important lesson from this workshop regarding our life on earth." (Tserensambuu Mandukhai, Student)
  • "It was fun in the group, good moderation and great insights, experiencing the power of networking and knowing how to exchange for sustainability impact!" (Daniel Obst, Sustainability Consultant)

If you want to know more about the voices of those who have experienced here.

Come and join us to experience this journey!

Session Details 

  • Location: Online (ZOOM)
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Language: Japanese
  • Content: Introduction, instruction, playtime, reflections, and breaks.
  • Participation fee: P-Lab Foundation special price 3,300 yen, other discounts available (tax included, standard price 8,800 yen)
  • Minimum number of participants: 6 (Maximum 15) The minimum number of participants required for this event to run effectively is 6. If less than 6 people register, the event will be canceled and you will be notified 48 hours in advance. Please invite your friends to join us.


1. Hardware Requirements

  • Computers for the game. Tablets or mobile phones may NOT be used for the game but may be used for Zoom communication as a second device.
  • Chrome browsers - only, please.
  • Reasonably fast and stable network connection for gameplay and communication.
  • Headset for communication
  • A version of Zoom: 5.3.0 or later.

2. Familiarities/Skill Requirements

  • Zoom: How to Rename, Mute, Text chat, View change, Move in/out of breakout rooms
  • Web Browser: How to adjust the screen size using zoom in/out


  • NPO Rate

    JPY 2,200
    Sale ended



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