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Value of embracing uncertainty

Updated: 3 days ago

🌏 The Possible World session held on April 1, 2024, connected participants from Spain, Switzerland, Taipei, Australia, and Japan, speaking various languages and having diverse backgrounds. Some communicated verbally while others used text messages. The possibilities around the SDGs were explored in this session.

🌱 A youngest participant's presence created a relaxed atmosphere, encouraging adults to communicate more openly. The child's request for resources sparked collaboration among participants.

🎉 Despite initial apprehension due to a last-minute change in hosting partners, the session taught the value of embracing uncertainty and welcoming new possibilities.

A World Condition Meter for the world Uzuki
World Condition Report

🙏 Thank you for joining us Pep (Andrew Pepar), Fer (Fernando Pérez Blasco), Larko (Hsiao-Chin Lo) & Abbie, Rich (Richard Bradley), Yuki (Yuki Sawai) and Iris (Yikuyi Hsu).

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